Cyber Security Trainings & Coaching

F-Secure’s training sessions feature advanced security topics and cutting-edge knowledge, delivered by highly-skilled ethical hackers with experience in corporate security education. Our sessions are entirely customisable – material, technical content, duration – to be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Improve your security culture
Our “Security threat landscape” course is an introduction to cyber security in general and requires no previous technical knowledge of the topic. The goal of the course is to jumpstart and improve your company’s security culture, providing the latest in threat security trends and to introduce your teams to cyber-attack scenarios and defenses relevant to your business.
Develop secure applications
Intermediate-level trainings are targeted at a more technical audience, yet not necessarily the security experts. The objective of the course is to focus on more specific subjects and to provide a clearly more technical knowledge transfer of cyber security, such as web application security, mobile application security, HTML5 security and security testing for functional testers.
Apply cyber security to your entire business
Our advanced courses will resonate best with a technical staff already strongly familiar with cyber security. The course allows expert teams not only to gain a deep understanding of today’s cutting-edge security concepts, but also internalise how to live and breathe, apply and increase cyber security in the design and development of business software and applications.
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